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Why use a ghostwriter?

People come to me with all sorts of reasons for choosing to hire a ghostwriter. Here are the top three:

1) Time. Not really surprising – who has the time to sit and write a whole book and work a full-time job, even a part-time job? It takes months to write a book well, and when you're working on your own material it can take several years (three to five years isn't uncommon). It's amazing how much easier it is to work on someone else's story, which is why ghostwriting takes between 3 to 7 months, depending on the project.

2) Then there is the skill involved in writing a book. Unless you have had the time to practice the craft of writing, like anything, it probably won't come easily. That's not to say someone new to writing shouldn't give it a go. We all have to start somewhere. But if you want to get your book into the world soon, and you don't really fancy taking on a whole new hobby, there is no shame in hiring someone who knows what they're doing to actually get the job done.

I always liken it to building a house: you might have an idea of what a dream home should look like, you might even be an architect, capable of creating all those detailed drawings that show where the cinema room will go, how the sixteen-seater dining table will fit, and how to access the secret passage to your home office. But you aren't going to lay the bricks yourself. You're going to get a professional to look at your plans and build it for you. You're the architect; I'm the builder.

3) And lastly, it's often because the story is just too personal. Being too close to the subject of your book – whether it's all about how to run a business well, or it's a story of something that happened in your personal life – means it can be incredibly difficult to be objective. It's hard to know what other people find interesting, or useful, let alone to know how a publisher (or agent) might respond. A ghostwriter can really help to get your book on the right track.

I offer various types of ghostwriting – personal memoir, full-length memoir, fiction and non-fiction/business. Take a look at the main site for details, or drop me a line at info@twenty-sixletters.com



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