• Victoria Heath Silk

What sort of content writing do I do?

To put it simply, lifestyle content is my main area of expertise. But that really is cutting it down to its barest bones, because lifestyle content writing can cover so very, very much.

Being a bit more specific, my content writing days have seen me writing about hotels in Edinburgh, chocolate making in Fife, interior design in Glasgow; on deep sea fish, '60s rock and roll, accountancy practices, child first aid, arts charities, homeless charities, architecture, farming, building houses, saving money, nights out, nights in, cocktails, designer cakes, fry-ups, holiday destinations, tourist attractions...

The list goes on and on and on, because 'lifestyle content' is a broad spectrum that can’t just be pinned down to one thing. Which is why I tell people that brilliant content writing is a mix of good research and understanding an audience. If a writer spends a little time researching a topic in the right way, they can literally write about anything. It's just how well they can write about it that matters to the audience.

I'm an experienced content writer for lifestyle brands, so when I start a project, I focus on what it is the target customer will be interested in reading, and then adopt the tone of voice and level of understanding that's appropriate to that audience – if I want to sell cakes to the people of Edinburgh, I write about how delicious they are, why these cakes are the best around, which venues are the best places to celebrate. If I want to sell flour to the bakers who make them, I write about the mills, the process, the refining it takes. And it's that simple.

So, what sort of content writing do I do? Every sort.



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