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What kind of ghostwriting and editing projects do I actually work on?

As a ghostwriter and editor, I get to work on a vast array of projects. Some I can talk about. Some I absolutely can't. And while I'm based in Scotland, ghostwriting and editing clients come to me from all over – often they're Scottish, but there are many in England, and a handful from much, much further afield too (Egypt and Australia, most recently). So to give you an idea of the kind of editing and ghostwriting I do in reality for all these people, here's a taste of what 2019 looked like for me…

I started the year ghostwriting a posthumous memoir that was just so wonderful to be involved with. The person in question had a remarkable life and I got to speak with so many members of their family to recreate their story on the page. It's a heartwarming legacy that will on through the generations. I'm also just about to typeset this into a beautiful book for them and oversee the print run.

Next up, I found myself editing two short story collections, one after the other: The Heartsick Diaspora by Elaine Chiew, who writes with such intelligence about what it's like to be part of a diasporic community (and on your own in a new country); then She-Clown by Hannah Vincent, a fabulous collection of powerful feminist stories. Both out early 2020.

I then went on to start ghostwriting a memoir about life in the armed forces. A powerful, heart-wrenching real-life story with a dramatic, devastating twist.

Over the summer, I had the absolute pleasure to be project managing and editing a series of six books – three poetry, three single-story books – for Spotlight Books run by Myriad Editions, New Writing South and arts charity Creative Future. I then edited a fiction and poetry prize anthology for Creative Future, Home, featuring twelve prize winners and four featured authors, including Kerry Hudson. Both of these projects involved typesetting too – they were mammoth and so rewarding to work on.

The autumn brought a new fiction ghostwriting project – a slow-burn thriller that's got all the makings of a best-seller. As we head into the new year, this will be wrapped up and shipped off to prospective publishers.

And meanwhile, I've been working with a small handful of private clients throughout the year, editing fiction and writing online content – covering everything from cakes to interior design, from S&M to retail.

What's in store for early 2020? As I wrap up the ghostwriting for the memoir and the thriller, I'll be beginning the editing for author Lisa Blower's forthcoming road novel, and Canadian author Tyler Keevil's high-stakes thriller. I'll also be editing a collection of shorts for a private author.

There are slots in spring for both ghostwriting and editing – get in touch to discuss your project.



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