For that person who has seen it all, has experienced it all and has got it all, this is the ultimate gift: a ghostwritten book.

A record of their life, or business, in an elegant cloth-bound book. This truly special and bespoke gift will be delivered either to you or to your recipient's address as a voucher presented in a classic gift box.


Once claimed, the experience will begin with a planning session to discuss what the book will be about, where I can also review any written material that might have previously been collected.

Next, we'll arrange our interviewing time, organised around your recipient's schedule, where I'll gather all details to be included in the book.


I'll then write their story over the coming weeks, capturing their tone and personality in the writing. When it's ready, I will deliver an electronic or hard-copy first draft for a round of editing. Once the edits are made, the final draft will be delivered electronically for approval, before the book is sent to print.


PERSONAL MEMOIR – perfect for someone who has made exceptional achievements, or lived an unusual life. Recording the most important details of their life story, whether for themselves or for future generations to enjoy. Includes: 5,000 to 10,000 words; a planning session; two interview sessions; one copy of a cloth-bound book, plus digital file. Price: £1,200

FAMILY STORY – a touching gift for anyone whose distinctive family history is calling out to be put on paper. Recording the story from either the perspective of your recipient(s), or that of several family members. Includes: 10,000 to 15,000 words; a planning session; three interview sessions; two copies of a cloth-bound book, plus digital file. Price: £1,900

BUSINESS STORY – an ideal gift for a high-achieving business woman or man. Recording how they reached the top and what it's like to be there. Includes: 5,000 to 10,000 words; a planning session; two interview sessions; one copy of a cloth-bound book, plus digital file. Price: £1,200


SAMPLE EXPERIENCE – for anyone who may want to test the water with ghostwriting, or have just a small portion of their life or work recorded. Includes: up to 5,000 words; a planning session; one interview session; an A5 paper manuscript in a presentation box, plus digital file. Price: £500


If you think your recipient might like to take things a little further, perhaps one of the full ghostwriting options would be more suitable. Prices start at £5,000. Please contact me for details.


The fee is due, in full, within seven days of booking.


Providing the fee is paid in full, all copyright belongs to the storyteller. 

All material will be treated confidentially, and a letter of agreement will be signed by both parties confirming this.

I will happily review any written material already collected, up to 10,000 words. This can be edited and incorporated into the word limit of the package without extra charge, or it can be added on as additional text for a small fee (dependent on a quote from the printer and any editing that might need to take place).

Interview times will be organised between the recipient and writer, to be conducted within 12 months of purchase.

Planning and interview sessions will be conducted in a mutually accessible location in Scotland, or over Skype. For the main packages (i.e. not including the Sample package), the planning session will last between 30 minutes and one hour, while each interview session will last approximately two hours.

One round of edits is included in the fee. The storyteller will have up to four weeks to read and comment before final edits are made. If further rounds of editing are required, this can be agreed between the writer and storyteller, but an additional fee will apply. 

This is a bespoke service – ghostwriting is not a quick process, nor should it be – therefore patience will be required when the book is being written. It will be delivered as quickly as possible, but attention is on quality rather than speed.